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Daniel Paley

Daniel Paley (b. 1988, Jerusalem, Israel) is a Tel-Aviv based artist. Daniel works in a variety of mediums, most notably sculpture, print, drawing, painting, and installation. His creative process parallels that of the archaeologist: he exposes layers, extracts them and rebuilds them into a whole new concept. A central element in his works is the use of patterns and repetition, integrating them into the fabric of his pieces. His sculptures embody an architectural nature but are made of soft materials such as textiles and paper, creating tension between the soft and structured - the functional and the symbolic.

Daniel holds a B.F.A  from the School of Multidisciplinary Art at Shenkar College, Israel.

During the course of his studies, he was recognized for his excellence and his final project earned him the prestigious America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship in the field of Plastic Arts (2016). Daniel's work was mentioned prominently among the thesis projects in his graduating year in a number of publications.

Daniel has exhibited in various group exhibitions and some of his sculptures can be seen in permanent displays such as Hamifal a temporary center for culture and art (Jerusalem, Israel) and in the Green Gallery, sculpture park (Arsuf Kedem, Israel). In addition, Daniel works in the preservation and restoration of public sculptures across Israel.

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